Off the beaten track – Richtersveld & Namaqualand

In my previous posting, we had started our trip, caravan and all (no cats), in Kapps Farm near Windhoek, Namibia, and headed south towards Cape Town. Richtersveld Nature Reserve We left our riverbed campsite to continue south towards the Namibia/South Africa border via a quick refuel and re-stock in the zinc-mining town of Rosh Pina….

Off the beaten track – Namibia

A few days ago, I was haven a twitter chat and we somehow got onto the topic of Africa and our trips to Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.  The next thee blogs will be about one trip in Namibia, when three of us drove from Windhoek to Cape Town with a Range Rover and Caravan….

Blog – the beautiful people of Sierra Leone

In this post my reflections are through pictures – the people of Sierra Leone left a positive and lasting impression on me! The wonderful people of Port Loko, where I was based:                                    The pikkins of Port Loko:                            The children and…

Blog: 24 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone #EbolaFreeSierraLeone

After more than 3 weeks in Port Loko, Sierra Leone, at last I had a chance for a two-night R&R (rest & recreation) with my wife, who is currently based in Freetown.  Saturday afternoon a few of us got transport to Freetown, an intriguing three-hour drive from Port Loko.  We had to pass through several roadblocks…