Blog – the beautiful people of Sierra Leone

In this post my reflections are through pictures – the people of Sierra Leone left a positive and lasting impression on me!

The wonderful people of Port Loko, where I was based:

 Blog_IMG_6055  IMG_5942 IMG_5914

SL_IMG_6417 SL_IMG_6487  SL_IMG_6482

SL_IMG_5910  SL_IMG_5998  SL_IMG_6801

SL_IMG_7059 IMG_7124 SL_IMG_7072

SL_IMG_7060 SL_IMG_6774

  IMG_6410 SL_IMG_6828 SL_IMG_5933

    IMG_5946  IMG_7077  IMG_7085

  The pikkins of Port Loko:

SL_IMG_7104  SL_IMG_7064  SL_IMG_5999

  SL_IMG_5912  SL_IMG_5923  SL_IMG_6812

      SL_IMG_6783 SL_IMG_6170


The children and staff at the EducAid orphanage, Port Loko:


Blog_IMG_6167  SL_IMG_6238  

Street vendors on the road to Freetown:

SL_IMG_6848  SL_IMG_6846  SL_IMG_6845

SL_IMG_6860 SL_IMG_6857  SL_IMG_6854

The staff and patients at Gbogbodo Maternal Child Health Post:

SL_IMG_6720  SL_IMG_6713  SL_IMG_6712

SL_IMG_6705 SL_IMG_6696  SL_IMG_6693

Some of my wonderful Port Loko teammates:


IMG_8992 IMG_1342  IMG_2285  Blog_IMG_6079


What can one do?

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