A stroll on the South Bank, London

20160827_130827_Richtone 3It’s been a few months since I took a leisurely visit to London. I have been hiding in my “cave”, away from the realities of life and the anxiety caused by crowds of people.  Then, earlier this week, Dr Raymond gave me a bit of a butt kicking; I should get my camera out, go somewhere, take pictures, enjoy life a bit. An easy trip to London by train, then a walk along the the south bank of the Thames river would be good, I thought. The day was a little overcast, warm and humid, not much in terms of blue skies, the warmth of humanity brightened it up. I did not want to do the normal touristy type photographs, acceptable as they are, and was looking for something a little bit unusual. The exception was the Millenium bridge and St. Paul’s cathedral, always a wonderful sight.


Further along I found the first of these jars on the Big Dreamjar Trail, based on the books by Roald Dahl (www.visitlondon.com/bfg). I was not exposed to these stories during my childhood, some catching up may be in order.

Past Tower Bridge I walked towards Maltby street market, which is off the beaten track; a small market with good food and drink!

Then back towards Waterloo station, with a little street philosophy along the way and a short detour at Southwark market and the food market near the Royal Festival Hall.

IMG_0376 2

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